Friday, November 15, 2013

Big News!

I have an announcement to make…

I will be an Assistant Choir Director at Jane Long Middle School in Bryan ISD starting in January.  Bryan ISD is located in Bryan/College Station, Texas…home of Texas A&M University.  Jonathan is OVER THE MOON about relocating back to his Alma Mater!

We will be moving from Conroe to Bryan before Christmas so that we can get settled in before I start my new job.  Jonathan is looking into relocating as well so that he doesn't have a really long drive to work in Houston (about 93 miles or 1.5 hour commute).

We have already found an apartment to live in, away from the student living apartments by the university.  The apartments are called Park Hudson Place.  We have secured a 3 bed/3 bath place with a good-sized kitchen.  We will use one of the bedrooms as an office/craft room.  We got lucky in that we were able to reserve a first floor apartment…NO MORE STAIRS!!  Here is what our new pad will look like:

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